Are Ghosts Real

Are Ghosts Real

Are Ghosts Real

Are Ghosts Real

Many individuals throughout history have asked the question; “Are ghosts real?”, if so, you are one among millions seeking the answer to this question.

Leading paranormal experts, science professionals, and even individuals in the general public that have an interest in the paranormal have attempted to answer the question, “Are ghosts real?”

Years of in depth research notes, background histories, eyewitness accounts, interviews, anomalous videos and photographs have all been collected in order to establish the truth behind the existence of ghosts.

In this guide, you will learn important facts pertaining to ghosts and the attempt to capture evidence that these spiritual beings do, in fact, exist.

What is a Ghost?

In order to establish the realism of ghosts, you must first have a precise understanding of what are ghosts. For many, a ghost is any type of haunting. However, this is not at all accurate. A ghost is a specific type of haunting that may be experienced in any location, by any individual.

A ghost is actually the visual based presence of a deceased human. This haunting may be a result of the life force of the person, the sheer essence of the individual, or the presence of the person’s soul after they have transitioned from the physical world to the spiritual world. There are many synonyms that are used to describe ghosts. The most popular ones include the following:

  • Spirit
  • Presence
  • Vision
  • Shadow
  • Manifestation
  • Spectre
  • Wraith

Purpose and Intent of Haunting

In order to answer the question of; “Are ghosts real?” paranormal investigators and others interested in the spiritual plane has established the purposes and intents of why a deceased human may return to the physical plane. This form of rationalization gives the ghost a sense of intelligence and assists in validating proof of the existence of ghosts to the living.

The following represents the most popular possible purposes and intents of a ghostly haunting:

• Many believe that the spirit may return in order to assist a specific individual that is living through the means of advice, warnings, or even to comfort that person.

• A ghost may return to the physical plane because of the fact that they may have a particular attachment to an individual, item, or even a general location.

• It is common for a spirit to return if they are not consciously aware of the fact that they have experienced a physical death.

Are Ghosts Real? Possible Evidence

According to eyewitnesses and individuals that have conducted investigations in various locations around the world, there are ghosts in virtually every region of the world. In each community, there are certain buildings, residential units, and lands such as cemeteries where the individuals that live close by whisper amongst themselves about the unexplained phenomenon that exists there.

When asking these people, “Are ghosts real?” you will promptly receive a “yes” in response. The legends of ghosts are powerful and the evidence that supports the existence of ghosts is even more powerful. It is important to understand that, behind every legend in existence today regarding ghosts, there is a truth. The following represents some evidence that the paranormal community has today about the existence of ghosts:

• Many paranormal investigators have gathered evidence through video. One example of this is when the Ghost Hunters TAPS Team visited the St. Augustine Lighthouse in St. Johns County, Florida and documented the apparent voice and apparition of a female within the structure.

• There are many people that have taken pictures that include orbs, partial and full body apparitions, and other types of abnormal images that cannot be scientifically explained.

• Millions of individuals throughout history have provided eyewitness accounts of direct encounters with ghosts.

If you are interested in whether or not ghosts are real, the answer is likely “yes”. There are many types of documented evidence that cannot otherwise be explained. The question, really, is not “Are ghosts real?” it is more – “Are we willing to accept the truth?”

218 thoughts on “Are Ghosts Real

  1. I’m sorry if you guy’s can’t read but some of your story’s sound like you just made them up I mean can these thing’s really happen? No So stop acting like 2 year’s old and srat acting like you can spell!! And I don’t mean to be rude but ppl plz stop saying stuff about me or writing what you think! Just cuz I don’t believe in ghost doesn’t mean I don’t have feeling’s and I do and those thing’s didn’t really make me feel bad so I have a feelen that one person is gonna so ppl plz don’t!! And you ppl are smarty then this and ppl when someone tell’s you to write back what you think you should!! I mean if you read it then who stared it Lizzy or me! i want you oppinen! sorry if my spelling is off But plz ppl my friend’s think Lizzy did and I think that too so tell me what you think plz!!! Oh and if you don’t know were it is it strates with Nicole and end’s from Kat it’s really long!! plz write back!!

  2. K my friend told me this. So don’t get mad at me if u don’t believe in this. But I’m sorry to say that if u wake up in the middle of the the night it means somthing is watching u. Thats why I hate my house for it is 127 years old. my dad says people have probable died in it. (He doesn’t believe in ghosts. ) and people STOP criticizing people saying that ghosts aren’t real. I know that it’s hard to believe in something that u have never seen heard or felt. But be thoughtful to the people that have. u can believe in what ever u want but this site is for the people that do and hopefully u will sometime have ur one story to tell.

    • Ummm…So I wake up in the middle of the night due to rolling off the bed means that someone is watching me, and after which I slept again in literally 3 seconds. So it means that someone is watching me? -.-

  3. I just have to mention. I was always aware of something different (lived in a house where I would here people walking around upstairs – I had a room in the basement, but KNEW that no one else was home… no – it wasn’t the sound of the house creeking… it was weavy booted foot steps like my father had his work boots on walking around).

    Anyways I wasn’t completely a believer until my husband and I went on a mine tour in Nordegg Alberta. Need a little bit of history here…
    my husband’s great grandfather Douglas, and great uncle Thomas had worked in the mine when they were in their mid twenties. His great uncle Thomas was off shift for a week (him and his brother alternated shifts), but Douglas had wanted the day off to play hockey with some friends at the local pond (Winter). So On October 31, 1949 Thomas and Douglas agreed to change shifts. Unfortunately misfortune happened and 49 miners were killed in an explosion (including Thomas).

    So years later (this past May long weekend) my husband wanted to get his picture taken at the entrance to the Mine #3 (closes to where the explosion had occured). But when we got there, he felt uneasy and didn’t want to go near it. So he took a picture instead.

    It wasn’t until later that night as we were looking at his pictures as a family that we noticed someone standing in the entrance to the mine shaft! It was a sunny day out, but there were no shadows, and most definately NOT anyone standing even remotely near the mine shaft.

    We realized it was an apparition of my husband’s great uncle Thomas coming to visit. (Sorry for Double post, CAPTCHA code wouldn’t work first time)

  4. I believe in ghosts, partly because i’ve seen them. I was watching tv, I had to use the bathroom. I got up, I stopped because there was a figure in front of me. An older aged women, in dress that civilians used to wear back then, shoes, and her brown hair in a bun. I turned the light on, carried on with my night. I did not feel threatened by this lady, she watched me through the crack of my door, protected me. I saw the rest of her family, teenage daughter, young daughter, and an infant. They also had a small, white, pet dog. They played around in my bedroom, but asked before they did. Meghan, may be right. “If you wake up during the night, it means something is watching you”. I did wake up during the night, out of no where. No loud noises, lights, etc. I did not feel tired at all, I had a mirror right next to my bed. I looked into that mirror to see a wisp like orb. It was blue and floating a top my head, it had blue ghostly ribbons spinning around it, it had a face, a body, I could not quite tell exactly was in the orb. I did not look up, I was scared, but I believe that orb was protecting me from bad spirits. Human body like creatures, also called demons, not always bad, exist too. I one time was just hanging out with my brothers and sisters and I started to wonder where my little sister, Katie was. I went to check only to find she wasn’t there at the moment, I went back and looked into the hallway only to see, a young girl, about 5-7 yrs. Black hair, pale vampric skin, reddish-pinkish eyes, red soft christmas dress, no footwear, smooth skin. She was only peeking. I did not feel threatened. I would not sleep at that house though, I was too scared. I have also seen huge possum looking animals, white, red eyes, HUMONGOUS. Walking around my house, in circles, again and again. These two houses were right next to each other. I have had other happening, but not as big as these.

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