Are Demons Real

Are Demons Real?

Are Demons Real

Individuals from all cultures throughout the history of the world have asked the question, “Are demons real?”

There are many theories that abound on the actual existence of demons, but one fact is solid among all that believe that these entities have the potential to be real – that they are the most feared spiritual being on both the physical plane and the spiritual plane.

The concept of demons is deep rooted in various types of religious beliefs, stories of folklore, legends concerning the supernatural, as well as mythological based stories. Throughout this guide on the paranormal, you will be introduced to various facts pertaining to demons.

What is a Demon?

The word “demon” is actually a Greek word. According to the original meaning of the word, it is a spirit that is considered to be wise and is often described as being a type of guardian. In most cultures, it is believed that demons do not originate from humans. However, there are many that do believe that humans have the capability of becoming possessed or controlled by a demon. Most individuals in today’s world view demons are an evil based entity that has a purpose and intent that is considered to be malicious in one way or another. In addition to these meanings, many religions consider demons to be angels that have fallen from the Grace of God.

Characteristics of a Demon

There are many characteristics of a demon. However, the most sound descriptions are highlighted by the Holy Bible of the Christian religion. The following highlights the Bible’s description of these beings:
• According to information in Revelation, Matthew, and Mark demons seem to have the preference of possessing the bodies of humans.

• In Matthew, Jesus explained that the demons prefer to not only live together, but also to work together, therefore making them communal creatures.

• It is highlighted in Matthew and Mark that demons have a certain amount of intelligence as well as their own will.

• In both Matthew and Mark, it is established that some demons have a higher level of wickedness about them than other demons.

• Demons have various degrees of power.

• Demons have various degrees of endurance.

• According to the books of Mark and Acts, demons have the capability to determine if an individual is using the authority of God because they recognize him as a real entity.


Demon Capabilities

When asking “are demons real?’ it is important to understand the capabilities of these spiritual entities. Once again, we use the information obtained from the Holy Bible because it is the most descriptive resource on the topic. The following outlines these capabilities:
• It has been established that demons have the ability to travel from one location to another.

• Spiritual entities that are described as being demons have the ability to cause many physiological and psychological complications.

• Demons are said to have the capability of having physical fights with the angels of God.

• Demons have the capability of influencing events that humans take part in.

• Demons have the capability of possessing humans.

Are ghosts real? That is a question that has been pondered for centuries. However, there are many cases that seem to reflect the fact that these spiritual entities are, in fact, very real. Professionals and amateurs alike have established the fact that the existence of demons is prevalent in today’s world.

38 thoughts on “Are Demons Real

      • Hmm Hmm Uh. Yeah. =w= Okay.Y’know, life is life. You can just live it y’know. Who cares what happens afterwards? The meaning of life is to live, so why not do it? Believe what you want, ignore what you want, see a movie, fall in love, have a family, experience some new things, experience some bad things and then in the end, just go quietly and happily. Even though some people are saying things like, Oh, you can have your opinion and all that stuff, why are they then afterwards calling on it as utter bull?I know everyone here wants to try and set things right with people that oppose them, but really, you’re not going to get anywhere. I’ve seen these sort of fights too many times, and in the end, everyone will continue to fight whether it is proven or not. So, it’s kind of pointless, yes?Eh, maybe people have stopped fighting now? So I’ll leave at that.

      • Hi, you said you kill demons? I am in the belief that there is one haunting me. I have had encounters in my own house and I stayed with a friend for a week and it followed me there. Please get back with me on what I should do. Thank you, Paige.

  1. Seeing one or experiencing/physically feeling the presence of one would be proof enough wouldn’t it? would you think they are real then? Or would you justify it by medical conditions? I am just curious. That is all. If you decide to reply, thank you.

    • JS I would love to believe in ghosts and such, but simply feeling something does not count as proof unless its a stomach ache. I will say this, people seem to be getting closer in getting real proof though.

  2. What about the fact that humans have been seeing ghosts/demons for hundread of years? The indians and other countries in fact embrace it.

  3. Spirits are real and demons are real. Demons are the followers of Satan. That is why he is called the devil and they the demons of Satan. If demons like the ones people think are real then these paranormal activities would happen more often. Ive always been taught that spirits cannot harm us but influence us. Even in church people are taught that. This is a religious thing not science.

    • Tim I think and agree with you about demons being real. However I think they can influence us to hurt ourselves and others!

    • ghosts are real I have seen ghosts multiple times I have seen four boys dressed in all the same in the late 1800 s early 1900 s attire where they supposedly died in an old day camp back then. I saw them got scared pulled me emergency brake spun a 180 (as I was doing this they didn’t seem to be phased by this at all) once I was going the other way they vanished and that’s only one time I have seen (a) ghost(s) my family has been haunted by ghosts for a while it got so bad to the point that objects were being thrown at a little girl in my family and she couldn’t step foot in her own room

  4. Demon and Ghost are real???..seen any???…

    Demon and Ghost are both just a superstition
    a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown

  5. demons are real just like god is real if you dont believe then you just dont have an open mind about your srroundings the devil has to have someone to work for him so therefore demons are real

  6. I my self seen them when I was 6, 9 , 11 years and at age 32.
    trust me they are real 100% not like what you see on movies…………


  7. What Is Real Anyways? Does Anybody Really Know What Is Real Anyways? How About We All Start Using Our Mechanical Technology, And Try Maybe To Open Up Supposed Different Dimensions, With Our Mechanical Technology, Everybody? And Then Maybe It Will All Be Really Real! Yes, Then It Will All Be Really Real, When We All Open Up The Supposed Different Dimensions, With Our Electronic Technology! I Myself, Would Like To See Supposed Different Dimensions, Opened Up, With Our Electronic Technology! We Should All Use Technology, To Play Around With Life! Let’s Use Our Technology, To Play Around With Life! Even The Cosmic Life! Let’s All Play Around With The Cosmic Life Too! hee hee! anyways, Happy Thanks Giving, Amen!:) yippy! a few bits of that stuff called uranium? super charged, for non bomb reasons, and you could probably open up the whole freaking paranormal world…..yes, we should use the stuff called uranium? to open up the whole paranormal world……make non bombs….or whatever….hee hee from elise renee gingerich age 39 Lawrence Kansas Usa…..;) super charge me…..

  8. Well you i see your point that some are probably family trying to communicate. If you see it in religous views demons are ghost but not how people portray them in movies. They are out to make our lives miserable. Its like good and evil.

  9. If you believe in demons you believe in god. The difficulty is science intercedes and takes over the rational side of our life. Since 1914 AD man kinds awareness of science has improved our health, age of life, quality of those living exponentially. Examples of this are all around us. Polio wiped out, almost from existence and other diseases that killed us before the age of 40 no gone. Science has replaced superstition and by this very fact science is slowly eroding the bluer in Demons and more importunely in a God. If there is no God then subsequently there is no Demon. With this said Evolution has taking control of us to the point of being taught as fact. Yet, the missing Link is still there. For 50000 years science says there is no link from old to modern man, yet the Theory of Evolution is taught as fact. You can not have Demons, a God, and Evolution. So if you believe in Demons like I do, then you no they influence us…the Chinese say that within us all is the ability to be possessed by demons, as well as the ability to withstand them. Don’t let science take away your core belief in creator.

    • I have had many paranormal experiences in my house. Some of the scariest follow:- Following the death of my cat I had been hearing noises at night. About 2 weeks after the death of my cat I heard a very clear meow’ at the end of my bed (the other cats were downstairs in the garage). I got up and looked around, thinking that one of the cats had some how got out even though the door was locked, but nothing was there or anywhere. I checked the garage but all of the other cats were still in the garage and still to this day I hear gentle footsteps run up and down the stairs, not that of a loud human footstep but a gentle cat footstep.- One night I woke up to a loud bang in the room opposite to mine. I lead back down but I could still hear taping and I heard creaking of what I think was the door to that room. I got up and checked the room and at the back of the room were several coat hangers rattling. I am very sure that particular room is haunted, it has a very different feel to it than anywhere else in the house and just feels scary although nothing in the room actually looks scary.- A more recent one, I woke up to the sound of my Xbox 360 turning on by itself. I could see the controllers on the floor and neither of them were on. I looked at the Xbox for a few seconds and then, as I was about to get up and have a look, it turned back off. This could just be a fault in the wiring but I have the Xbox 360 Slim which is activated not by a button as such but by a pad sort of thing which when touched by somebody is activated.

  10. I don’t know about what everyone knows about all this stuff but I looked one in the eyes 3 in the morning and trust me its not something you want to see standing in front of your bed looking you in the eye when you wake up. They can hurt you badly and yes, they can move stuff around. personal experience, hopefully never again.

  11. I have to say? one thing….I believe demons exist because anything can be real if many people give it enough power. Demons were created by religion and religion was created by people so if you believe demons exist they will believe in you, if you stay away from them they will stay away from you

    and one last thing..

    “We can’t solve problems using the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

  12. If gods not real demons & satan ain’t real! I’m A Scientist & i did researched. Infact demons are just a myth A man made a book & made up a creature ‘Demon.’ ‘God.’ ‘Satan’. Ghost is just when a person is dead. When you’re dead the truth tells you ;)

  13. If there’s a good,.. I’m pretty sure there’s an evil.. We will know if it’s true Or not if demons do exist in the end.. But I know for a fact there is evil.. I am a native America.. I am connected to the stars..& they tell me everything when the ending will happen.. You probably think I am crazy.. But I am not..

  14. I don’t believe in them , but I would if I saw one.
    These people who have seen them are telling lies, there are no such thing.
    I searched this because I wanted them to exist and let’s be honest so do you.

    • Ghosts are not real. The people who believe they see or feel the presence of ghosts are both superstitious and gullible (which is a perfect tradeoff to the user Brittney above saying that people who don’t believe are all ignorant or atheists.) It is all random chaos theory. We tend to see patterns in chaos, such as in the beauty of snowflakes or virgin mary’s on burnt toast. A lot of those older photographs were doctored and subsequently disproven (they got better as technology advanced), others are merely shapes or blobs in the background that your mind understands as human faces/bodies. The man on the moon? Same thing. In Japan they see a bunny, not a face. It all depends on what your mind sees. Your vision can often fail you, and your mind can warp how you see things. Like how your mind creates mirages. When people get freaked out, the smallest noise can be considered a haunting. Demons? Get real. From what religion would these demons be from, because personally the ancient nordic version of demons are far more terrifying than its christian successor. Depending on what belief system you align yourself with, how you understand ghosts is so different. I bet you that back before the age of enlightenment, people thought they saw ghosts too. Only these ghosts reflected how they understood the world and were wearing the attire of that era. You don’t hear many stories about people seeing Native Americans running around America.(Because seriously, how arrogant can Americans get? Native Americans lived in this country for THOUSANDS of years before our little stint of 400 years, yet we only see ghosts that wear attire after white people got here?)((Maybe its because the average person doesn’t know what a traditional Native American would have worn, so they don’t assume to see those images in the random chaos?))(((Maybe because one can’t see what one doesn’t know about beforehand? Similar to dreams, you can’t dream about something you haven’t seen while awake?)))The reality of ghosts is so subjective. My aunt seriously thinks that she can speak with animals and they tell her a bunch of things like what they dream about. That is just as illogical as the remnants of a human soul (if there is such a thing) remaining on our world to mess with the living. Why is it that people only see ghosts when they are feeling vulnerable, and often alone? How many sets of people have seen the same ghost at simultaneously, and remembered concrete details? (Or rather, I would trust groups of people because sets of people can easily fabricate details.)

  15. Demons could be out there. It’s just really unbelievable. And even though myths can be fake or lies created by people, there is always a grain of truth in things like that.

  16. Everyone listen…you say you don’t believe in Demons but they are real. You say there is no god, that science proves it, that’s wrong. You say evolution proves it but your wrong. God uses science he uses it all. You guys are really going to tell me that earth was just a huge piece of luck? That we HAPPENED to be in the perfect spot for life? We HAPPENED to just be exactly in the perfect place for our solar system? You say coincidence, there are way to many of those in the creating of this world for it to be an ACCIDENT. You use these theories to try to explain what your afraid of, the unknown. It’s that simple

    • I like how your explanation for the existence of God is how the conditions on Earth are perfect for life forms to develop, and that having such perfect conditions would be impossible if not for the intervention of a divine being. Well, this only makes sense if you are not familiar with how astronomical numbers work. While it may seem that we are incredibly lucky, the big bang spawned billions and billions of planets. Is it really unreasonable to believe that amongst all those planets, a few would happen to have the ideal conditions for life to develop?… only a few out of billions… The odds are small, but with such a large number of galaxies and solar systems, at least one planet such as Earth was bound to exist. No God necessary for that to happen.

  17. It is so easy for the human mind to get so caught up in things like this. If you believe with all your heart something is real, then it becomes real to you. If you are given a useless pill, and are told it will cure your cancer, and you believe this with all your being, than i believe you will be cured. Mind over matter. Everyone believes something different, however I believe that theres a perfect balance with everything. There is good energy as well as bad. If you believe in the good (God, angles) you must also believe in the bad (so-called demons and I guess hell). I agree with Taylors, God created science. I mean, seems legit. Things happen for a reason. It’s not just coincidence that we were put here, on the only planet perfect for life forms. Do you really think earth came from a lump of space rock and a giganic explosion, that we came from a microscopic bacteria, from an ape? For me, that is harder to believe than it is to believe in God. Still, there is deffinatly more proof in science, though it is anoying how everyone needs proof. Wouldnt a small glimpse into whatever there is beyond, one that only you saw, one you could not prove, wouldnt that be enought? Well everyone believes some thing different. Who am I to tell them what to believe in; what is right? Only you can find that out for yourself.

  18. People are scared about what they don’t understand,
    But there is doubt in all things if they were given strait proof they would try to
    Find a way to doubt it
    It’s just how YOU humans work if only…
    Oops can’t type the rest!!!

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