Are Spirits Real

The existence of the spiritual world is a highly debatable matter. About half of today’s general public believes in ghosts, while the other half believe everything on the planet can be explained by science and that spirits are figment of the imagination.

Generally speaking a ghost is believed to be the spirit/soul of a deceased person or animal which has physically appeared in one form or another to the living, both humans and animals. There are also a group of people who view demons and other astral beings as being ghosts as well. Commonly ghosts/apparitions manifest themselves as translucent unspecific forms, multi-sized orbs and in what is considered the Holy Grail of all ghosts’ sightings full-bodied manifestations.

Are Ghosts Real

Ghost sightings have been observed all throughout recorded history, from present-day society to the ancient Egyptians, the Middle Ages and everything in between. Virtually all religions possess some form of belief/literature about ghosts.

Depending on the kind of ghost you are dealing with its motive can be nonviolent even beneficial or in the case of evil spirits such as demons ominous and threatening. Ghosts can be encountered in multiple numbers depending on numerous factors for instance the location of the haunting. Having said that, ghosts generally are solitary which haunt locations, individuals and even objects which they were closely associated with in life. Paranormal researchers and believers of the afterlife generally tend to believe that spirits remain on earth after death for specific reasons.

It is typically believed that spirits remain on earth to complete some unfulfilled purpose more often than not related to their death somehow. Then there are a number of roaming souls that simply never passed on to the other side for reasons unknown though it’s commonly thought that these souls do not realize that they have died or are in denial.

There are also a number of people who believe ghosts are in fact evil entities masquerading as departed individuals and are looking to do harm to the living. The Catholic Church believes in the principle of purgatory. Briefly, purgatory is the space in between heaven and hell where sins are stripped away from the soul in readiness for the soul’s admittance in to heaven. For the record the church doesn’t reject the idea in which God may permit souls in purgatory to contact the living in the form of an apparition to resolve unsettled concerns. Having said that, it’s strictly against the teachings of the Catholic Church for the living to communicate in any shape or form with the deceased, this is considered occult activity.

Since the beginning of recorded history documenting spirit communication and interaction such as: manifestations, hauntings, EVP’s and various other paranormal activities have been recorded by simple tools such as the pen and paper to the more sophisticated such as analog and digital equipment.

Modern-day technology has provided a wide range of electronic equipment to make the study of the paranormal and ghosts as scientific as possibly for today’s paranormal researcher. Today’s modern ghost Hunter have the luxury of sophisticated equipment such as thermal cameras infrared sensors, motion detectors and digital voice recorders to collect evidence they need to prove the actual existence of ghosts. All this data which is collected by various scientific instruments are invaluable to paranormal researchers who are trying to prove life after death scientifically with measurable results.

Spirit mediums are believed to be able to communicate and interact with spirits without the help of any kind of technology or devices. They are thought to have a special ability such as a sixth sense which enables them to understand and communicate with the paranormal and observe things that the average person cannot. Even though science does not recognize mediums at present, mediums have and continue to contribute a great deal in the research of the paranormal.

14 thoughts on “Are Spirits Real

  1. That did not help at all. This also did not tell me if ghost are real or not.

    P.S. Tell if they are real I am trying to tell my little cousins but that did not help so tell if they are real or not in that passage.

  2. me and my friend mason were in the forest near our houses today when we heard whispering that was saying something but we could not tell what, and clicking, also the wind picked up and we felt like we were being pushed. could this be a ghost or imagination?

  3. they r real!!!!! mu grandfather died in my house but luckily he was a good man. One time I was only 2 years old and went to the other side of the pool (you know the deep side) and jumped in. I woke up and found myself safe and sound on the cement. I looked back and my parents were crying and realized i was wet. Head to toe.

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